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Joseph Mercola, DO - Buy Dr. Joseph Mercola's "Total Health Cookbook and Program" Now!

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an internationally renowned Natural Health Physician and Doctor of Osteopathy, educated and licensed in both conventional and natural medicine and in practice over two decades. He is the founder/director of www.Mercola.com , the world’s #1 visited natural/alternative health website with over 2 million unique visitors per month where everyone can sign up for Dr. Mercola's free health e-newsletter. 


He is also the founder/director of The Optimal Wellness Center, one of the most esteemed natural health clinics in the U.S.  His vision has long been, in his words, “to change the medical paradigm from one focused on drugs, surgeries and other health band-aids to one focused on prevention and permanent solutions.” Toward that end, he had dedicated his career to establishing the proper diet to prevent disease, optimize weight & energy, and live longer and better.


His most recent book, "The Total Health Cookbook and Program" (call 888-541-3997 to order at 20% off or Order Now 24/7 with credit card from the HWW Catalog) follows his NY Times best seller -  The No-Grain Diet.  The new book provides Dr. Mercola's remarkably successful dietary program that, for more than a decade, has helped many thousands of patients at his natural health clinic in Chicago, The Optimal Wellness Center.  Learn his program, together with 150 healthy recipes, that has benefited thousands suffering  from chronic disease and obesity.  Dr. Mercola says you must optimize their bodies so they can avoid illness. In a straightforward, three-phase program, it provides all the how-to and why of adopting a truly healthy diet including:


  •         Why over-consumption of grains and sugars have been the major culprit behind various chronic diseases and the overweight/obesity epidemic

  •       The myth of low-fat & low-protein, and the “Food Pyramid”

  •         How the Atkins Diet, while a start, can be improved for the individual

  •         The importance of consuming good vs. bad carbohydrates

  •         Overcoming the emotional challenges of dieting, such as cravings and self-image issues

  •       The dangerous lack of omega-3 in most Americans diets, and how to change that in your daily diet

  •       And much more

After listening to Dr. Mercola as a member of the HWW Medical Staff when he joins Frank Jordan and Dr. Richard Becker on "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" on the first Friday of each month, check out www.Mercola.com, where you can sign up for Dr. Mercola's free "eHealthy News You Can Use" newsletter and search 20,000 pages for compelling information on the health topics of your choice.

Be sure to call in your health questions to Dr. Mercola during appearances (8-9 am Eastern, 5-6 am Pacific) on "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" at 800-281-TALK (8255).  Dr. Mercola's next appearance as a member of the HWW Medical Staff will be announced.

Medical Specialties:

  • Internationally recognized Doctor in Conventional and Natural Medicine                              

  • One of the best selling Health Authors with Millions helped by his Health Books and Website Health Information

  • Founder/Director of www.mercola.com, the World's 2nd most visited Natural/Alternative Health Website

  • Founder/Director of the Optimal Wellness Center - a Natural Health Clinic in Chicago, Illinois

Personal Appearances:

To be announced


Call in your health questions to Dr. Joseph Mercola and Frank Jordan at 800-281-TALK (8255) from 4-5 pm Eastern on the HWW Radio Show.