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BHI Heel Homeopathic Bronchitis
BHI Heel Homeopathic Bronchitis

Homeopathic Bronchitis - BHI Heel


Retail 11.85 - 100 tablets with 300 mg total ingredients per tablet. For temporary relief of wet and dry coughs, minor bronchial pain and irritation and smoke-induced cough.
Lobelia inflata 4X for bronchial asthma; Hyoscyamus niger 5X and Sticta pulmonaria 5X for dry spasmodic cough and mucous; Antimonium tartaricum 5X, Beladonna 6X and Bryonia alba 6X for cough; Hepatica triloba 6X for phelegm; Ipecacuanha 6x, Kreosotum 6X and Pertussinum 30X for coughs. 30 mg each / 300 mg tablet.